If you own a commercial embroidery machine with a floppy drive, you know all too well how annoying it is to shuttle floppy disks back and forth only to find the floppy has gone bad on you. On top of that, it's getting hard to find blank floppy disks these days and almost impossible to buy a computer with a floppy drive on it!

Introducing the FUSB, the Floppy Simulator USB Drive. The FUSB replaces the floppy drive in your embroidery machine with a USB port so you can use standard off-the-shelf USB flash drives to transport the embroidery designs from your computer to your embroidery machine.

The installation is simple. You simply remove the bezel from your controller console (usually 2 to 4 screws) with the power off, remove the screws for the old floppy drive in your embroidery machine, unplug the cables, and plug them into the FUSB. Replace the screws and the cover and you're ready to go! 

The FUSB simulates a floppy drive to the embroidery machine (or any other equipment that uses a standard floppy drive) and uses the standard floppy power and data cables. The machine thinks a floppy drive is still connected but, in fact, you now have a standard USB interface on your equipment now. You simply format your USB flash drive with the enclosed software to the correct floppy size and copy your embroidery files.

The operation of your embroidery machine is no different than before. You use the same menus and commands to load designs as you do now but you won't hear that grinding sound you're used to hearing from your old floppy drive. Instead, your machine will quietly load the embroidery design and you're ready to go.

When using the USB flash on your computer, it will look like another drive that you simply copy embroidery files to or save them directly from your software. It's quick and simple and, best yet, USB flash drives can be used over and over (rated at over 100,000 uses). And, while the capacity of flash disks continues to grow, the less expensive flash drives that you see at the checkout counter at the grocery store for $5 is even more capacity than you will need so you can keep a collection of flash drives for very little cost and you can get them almost anywhere.

The FUSB is available in three models. The USB Standard simulates a floppy drive with your USB flash drive and is the closest in operation to what you do with your floppy drive now. The FUSB Enhanced simulates up to 99 floppy disks on a single USB flash drive with 99 separate formatted simulated floppy drives on one USB flash (done in a single operation). The FUSB Universal simulates a floppy drive with up to 99 disks but no special formatting is required.

The FUSB Standard works with most Tajima, Happy, Barudan, SWF, Melco, Toyota, Brother, and other commercial embroidery and textile machines that use a floppy drive. Some machines have a bezel over the floppy drive with a wide narrow slot for a disk to slide through that may not have space for a USB flash drive. In such a case, it is necessary to modify the bezel or remove it.

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